you don't
have to be big
to be mighty.

Hummingbirds are neat little birds. 
Just like your neat little biz.

small, fast & independent.

Hummingbirds are the smallest migrating bird, but their size doesn’t stop them from making the journey alone. In fact, they are the only migrating birds that enjoy the safety of a flock, but don’t need it to get the job done.

This is the philosophy behind Hummingbird Media. We do what the big boys do, but we do it for small businesses and entrepreneurs just like you.

humble beginnings.

Hummingbird Media began as a virtual assistance service (under the name Bankable Assistance). As owner, Lora honed her craft in the field, working with amazing clients who allowed her the creative freedom to contribute freely to their websites, social media, and other projects. This afforded her the luxury of an intense, current education under the microscope of a live audience, while her clients enjoyed getting very expensive, web-developer-quality websites at virtual assistant’s rate.

Along the way, she developed a love and talent for branding, graphic design, and building websites. But more than that, she developed a greater love for her clients. The passion, the drive and the courage it takes to branch out and make the migration all on your own, was something that they all shared.

And sheesh, is it ever admirable. 

why the switch?

“Niche-ing down” has been a dream come true – and not only because that means spreadsheets and calendar management are off the table. It’s because now we can focus on what we really love to do, give it the time and attention it needs and deserves, and help brave, driven, passionate entrepreneurs like yourself, take their business to the next level.

We’ve expanded and taken on some new peeps, and you know what? This journey is even more exciting with a team.

If you’re tired of flying solo, you can relax, you’ve found your flock. And we’re flying in the right direction.

Book a free discovery call today, and let’s turn that dream into a reality. 

lora banks hummingbird media

lora groves.

Founder | lead designer | cool mom

Hi! I’m Lora. Sure, I started this company but I have a team and community that make it all work.
They’re just too modest to let me put their face on a website.

join the glittering.

Did you know a flock of hummingbirds is called a glittering? It’s also called a bouquet, a hover, a shimmer or a tune. How cool is that?

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