diy your way
to a gorgeous
online presence.

Reinventing the wheel is great and all, but when you’re busy running a business like yours, a little help never hurt nobody.

learn from a pro, pay like a bro.

Here you’ll find DIY courses and freebies that we’ve put together along the way. Take a peek around and see if anything speaks to you!
Looking for a learning option that fits your exact needs, budget and is tailored exclusively to you? We’ve got that too.

consulting with clarity.

No one knows you or your business like you do and there is no one more equipped to define and craft your unique message. Making that message into a digital-visual snapshot is hard, and there are as many ways to accomplish it as there are wrong turns. Hiring a designer is the easy route, but if your budget isn’t quite there yet, that doesn’t have to be a roadblock to working with one.

Consulting with Hummingbird Media includes:

  • A 1-1 meeting with Lora to go over your questions and objectives
  • Screen share videos specific to you and your project, directing you on which platforms to use and which buttons to push
  • A final audit and tangible feedback on your work
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Photo of the No Stress SEO Course

diy course: no stress seo.

SEO is a little acronym packed with a whole lotta hype! Search Engine Optimization is super important, but there is NO need to stress it.

There are many firms and freelancers willing to take your money to optimize your website for search. And it’s warranted. When I work with people on SEO the bill piles up, because there is so much conversation and planning involved.

No Stress SEO cuts out the conversation, and gives you an optimized route to getting the important parts of your knowledge from your brain to paper, and ultimately into an easy-to-implement plan.

free guide: the easy way to brand your marketing emails.

Your job isn’t done at crafting the perfect message.

There is a lot to read out there. And in this crazy sales culture we live in, people are used to having things packaged just for them. If your email isn’t as gorgeous as the landing page you used to attract them, chances are it won’t get read.

start your diy design journey.

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