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doesn’t mean you should.

our process.

Calling in your clients is something we take seriously here at Hummingbird Media. With our professional web design, badass branding, launch and SEO ninja skills, you will have a website that works for you.

Everything we do starts on a solid foundation of research, collaboration and experience. Honestly, it’s not worth our time to build something pretty that doesn’t work. Once we know the bones are set, then we get to the fun part of dressing it up.

Our process starts with many questions, designed to capture your vision, goals, aesthetic preferences, passion, reason, tone and personality. We’ll get to the root of who your ideal client is, where to find them and how to speak to them.

Once we know who you are, what you want to do, and who you’re trying to reach, we allow that singular vision to drive our entire design process.


Hummingbird Media Web Design

web design.

In addition to communicating your brand in a snapshot, your website should also be easy to navigate, provide just enough information and make it clear what you want its visitors to do – all while looking stunning across all devices.

Whether your goal is to sell a product, get page views or grow your membership/email list, at Hummingbird Media, we know how to get the job done.


No matter what size your business is, branding is a must. It doesn’t have to be super complicated.
In fact, it’s better when it’s not.

Branding speaks directly to those ancient Neanderthal neural pathways, telling your customers they can relax and trust you, because what they see feels familiar and safe.

Not sure how to turn yourself into fonts and colours?
That’s ok, we are. 

Hummingbird Media brand development

diy design.

At Hummingbird Media, we are focused on your success as much as our own. We want to see you and your business thrive, but know that hiring a full-on designer isn’t in the cards for everyone.

We’ve created two options to serve the budget-challenged. Through a series of courses that we will add to over time, and through consulting.


There’s no point in having a website if no one can find it. The most important part of our process is the initial dig to uncover your ideal client.

We’ll use what we learn and build it into your SEO strategy from day one. Over time, as your audience changes, we can meet them where they are, by staying on top of your SEO with one of our feeder packages.

Hummingbird Media SEO
Hummingbird Media feeder packages

feeder packages.

Once we build your site, you’re free to fly off on your own, but if you want to stay with our glittering (a.k.a. hummingbird flock), we’d love to have you.

Keeping your website updated is as important as the initial build, and as a voice from the field, hear me when I say that having the person who built your website stay on to maintain it saves everyone approximately one million headaches

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