The Easy Way to Brand Your Marketing Emails

When someone is kind enough to share their email address with you, show them how grateful you are with a well-branded email. 

You hustled for that email address.
Don’t lose it over a sloppy message.

I know. You put hours into your messaging. You proofread it 50 times. The ANXIETY you felt before you hit send? I’ve been there. I am certain your content is on point. But can I let you in on a little secret?

Your job isn’t done at crafting the perfect message.

There is a lot to read out there. And in this crazy sales culture we live in, people are used to having things packaged just for them. If your email isn’t as gorgeous as the landing page you used to attract them, chances are it won’t get read. 

Email Marketing With Integrity

An inbox is a busy place. 

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Avoid the sting of the dreaded unsubscribe, by showing your readers that you respect your invitation to be there, at a glance.

Grab your free download here! As a bonus I’ve thrown in my favourite tips for sending high-integrity, respectful emails from my years the in online marketing field.

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