how to choose the PERFECT platform.

One of the most common questions I get is around which software and platforms to use. Which is the best? What are the limitations? How will I know which one to pick? The answer is both short and unpalatable:

You won’t. 

Here’s the thing about software – it’s soft. No one tool is going to be made just for you – but you can make just about any tool work for you. So my suggestion for choosing one is to go with the point that you value the most, and start there. For me, I always want the cheapest – so whoever offers the most for a free trial or low fee, gets my business first.

Once you get in there and start using it, it will literally articulate the questions you need to ask when you go hunting for something “better”. You’ll discover roadblocks, annoyances, and hard-no’s as you go, and all of that information goes toward picking that perfect platform in the future (until your needs change again).

Just gonna drop a little truth bomb here. 

💣 Your project management software won’t manage a project. You will.
💣 Your email marketing software won’t manage your lists or write your emails. You will,
💣 Your website won’t keep itself up to date and looking fly. You will.
💣 Your calendar won’t keep you organized. You will.

In short, don’t get mad at the platform if it doesn’t save your life right away.

Tools are necessary for working at the pace we do these days, so if you recognize a need for a tool in your business, my advice is to ask around, do your research, then take your best guess and dive in. You really can’t go wrong if you can remain adaptable and lean into that learning curve. That curve is where growth happens, and it’s often in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

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