Every single moment, every single breath, every time you’ve eaten, laughed, burped, cried, swam, skipped, kissed, danced has led up to the most unique, incomprehensible compilation of moments that comprises the indescribable experience that you are.

Can we just snuggle up and revel in that for a minute? You cannot deny it. There is no one like you. It’s literally impossible. And that means that you, a walkin’, talkin’ miracle, are surrounded by other miracles every day of your life.

How magical is that?

Girl, don’t you even THINK about yeah, yeahing me on this one.

Ok, but this miracle has to make money.

I hear you. And coming back down to earth a little – you have to work. So here you are, this miraculous being, this infinitely complex, sparkling, quantum being – washing your face, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, then heading to the office to provide some service to this world. It’s truly ridiculous.

But how often when asked, do we reduce ourselves to that service?

What am I? Oh, I’m a web designer. Ahem, the answer should be, I am a part time web designer and a full time frigging PHENOMENON.

Can we start operating on that level?

I know you have bills to pay. And to do that you have to find something you’re good enough at to be able to do it in exchange for some Benjamins, but I propose that we do something crazy: I say we start showing up like the miracles we are.

On some level, we all want the same thing.

We want to take our millions of experiences, our millions of laughs, our millions of cries – the tiny little flakes of experience that come together to form who we are – that magic dust that compresses and becomes ourselves. We want to take a handful of that and blow it into the air with a little bit of someone else’s and watch the magic that unfolds.

That’s what we’re looking for.

People need your product or service. And unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are in this equation) there are millions of other people doing that same thing. But what they really want, is to work with YOU. They want to see who’s dust theirs can mingle and make magic with.

It is imperative that you show your dust.

It is so important that YOU show up. There is no way to capture the magic that you are in a snapshot, a paragraph, or even a seven part biographical mini-series. You’re simply too much. But you should try.

And none of this is to say that your business should be a part of you. In my opinion, it should absolutely not be. It should be guided and nurtured by you, but it is NOT you. It could never be.

But if you’re running that thing anyway, you might as well run it with some integrity and give the people what they want:

YOU. The miracle version.

XO Lora

P.S. Still building back better over here.

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