“what’s your favourite colour?”

Prior to becoming a mother I hadn’t heard that question since early elementary school. After becoming a mother, I have heard it about 9.12 zillion times. Approximately.

As adults we don’t ask ridiculous questions like that. But as a child? That was a major qualifier! If you met another lime green fan, it was friends for life.

But seriously, what if we hadn’t asked, and someone who loved cobalt became best friends with someone who loved magenta? What if they invested years into their friendship only to discover that they’d been wrong for each other all along?!

JK. That friendship would have crumbled immediately. 

when my kids asked me what my favourite colour was, I’d always just say, “purple.”

I don’t really know why. Then, as children do, one of mine responded, “Mom? Why don’t you ever wear purple clothes then?” I looked down at my mom uniform – black, on black, on black. 

So, I went out and bought myself a purple sweater and guess what happened? Some people asked me why I’d wear such a bright sweater. “That’s not like you,” they’d say. And some people, often NEW people, would say, “You look gorgeous in that sweater. It really brings out your features.”

Turns out favourite colours continue to sort people out and draw people in, well into adulthood. 😉 

When you come to Hummingbird Media to talk about branding, I am going to ask you what your favourite colour is. Not which colour you think is most effective, or which one evokes feelings of boring professionalism and brand loyalty. I want to know what YOU like. But 9 times out of 10, when I pose that question to these strong, professional, incredible women, they’ll tell me then ask, “Is that silly?” Or, “Will that colour work?”

girl. girl, girl, girl.

If you don’t hear a single other thing I’ve said, hear this: Listen to that inner knowing. I know it seems so silly to use your instinct to pick a colour but it’s not. It harkens back to that child that lives inside each of us, and waves a flag of kinship for all to see. YOUR people will respond to it.

But more than that: Your inner voice is EVERYTHING. If we don’t practice hearing that voice inside for the “small” things, how will we ever tune in when we really need it for the “big” things.

i’m going to be 100% honest with you.

There are a million people providing the exact same service as you. And do you know what makes you better than all of them?


Because, at the end of the day, branding is just about getting YOU into a nice-looking cohesive visual stand-in. And we might as well start by blocking all those naysayers who want you to be the smaller, sensible version of you that makes them feel better, and call in the people who are ready to party.

And before you ask, yes, you can absolutely party with brown.

I know I was blessed with the talent of making things look good – I don’t know why but I know that’s my superpower. But even if you’re not ready to hire a designer, that doesn’t mean you have to go brandless. You already live with an expert. Go to the mirror, stand in front of it and ask, “What is your favourite colour?” And listen to your response. You’re right.

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