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Georgian Hills Vineyards

Have you ever had your dad drive you to an interview? I did. I was 40. As in years-old.⁣

Georgian Hills Vineyards was hiring someone to help with their website and social media, and a dear friend gave them my name.⁣

Up until that point, I had dabbled with web design and social media, but this was a hefty gig. I went to the interview and was 100% honest about what I could do, what I could try to do, and what I would figure out if I could do. But something clicked that day. And it’s been clicking ever since.⁣

Some clients are more than clients. That’s what Andrea and Robert at @georgianhills are for me. During tough times, they check in. When I have a human moment, they remind me that we’re all human. And when there is any faint excuse to give a gift, I can always count on way more wine than any woman should have to herself.⁣

Since then, I’ve got my license and a car and many other things, but it was only in that void that I could have known how truly great an operation this little winery was. Because when I showed up with my dad at an interview as a 40-year-old woman, the only question they had for him was, “Would you prefer wine or cider?”⁣⁣


Branding and Web Design

Platforms Used

Website: WordPress
Mailing System: Mailchimp

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