Pretty River Red Tent

Is it just me or has Collingwood has become a-flutter with women talking about harnessing the power of their cycles?⁣

What. A. Gift. ⁣

I’ve been friends with Nikki Zavitz, founder of Pretty River Red Tent for a LONG time now, so I’ve grown used to this power, and its way of working itself into every conversation we have, and for that matter, every facet of life. So to hear this information parting ways with the lips of so many women, particularly in this town, has felt like a miracle. And it is.⁣

It felt like a secret for so long, with women being robbed of this critical information. It drove her nuts. It drove her to do something nuts.⁣

Nikki built an ACTUAL RED TENT in Collingwood. Watching her pull Pretty River Red Tent together was like attending a birth. From her initial contemplation of the idea I knew there was no turning back. Through the pains of labour she persevered with the gentle calm and confidence of a woman about to meet her baby. And when it was born, like any mother, she could not WAIT to share it with the world.⁣

The ENERGY generated from this project, seems to have influenced the entire geographical vicinity – emanating out from that gorgeous womb by the Pretty River, into the surrounding areas.⁣

And no one is more grateful for that than her.⁣

But Nikki has always undercut her influence. In her years rallying local home and unschoolers together, in her deep friendships, in her devotion as a wife and mother, her influence is calm, infectious, liberating and undeniably MASSIVE … particularly in what happened when she pulled this magical spot together. ⁣

Thank you Nikki, for challenging the local consciousness to recognize what you’ve known and studied for so long. For showing us what passion, integrity and perseverance can do. To demonstrate a true love of community. For willing into existence a place for the cycling sisterhood to gather, share and connect to the wisdom and power of their cycles.⁣

I want to say Hummingbird Media designed this gorgeous site, but truly, the vision was all Nikki’s. Somehow she managed to get it into our souls and out through our hands, but the vision is entirely hers.⁣

Congrats mama. XO⁣


Branding, Booking/Shop Setup and Web Design

Platforms Used

Website: Wix
Booking App: Wix Bookings
Mailing System: Ascend
Ecommerce: Wix

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