Dr. Heather Denniston is the brightest, ball of energy I’ve ever encountered – and while that energy is high and relentless at all times, it’s there because she has the drive and know-how to keep it at that level.

Dr. Heather is a chiropractor and wellness guru, who has taken that energy and focused it in on the growth of others. And when she points that energy at anything, you can bet it’s going to grow with an intensity that is unmatched.

The project we worked on together was aptly named the Wellness Amplifier Performance Program. Working with high-profile companies like Microsoft, NBKC Bank and Mainstreet Property Group, she brings balance to leaders and their teams by introducing the often neglected counterweight to productivity: Wellness. From sleep, to diet, to exercise to all of the things that build this woman’s energy to unmeasurable heights, she covers it all and imparts that to people working hard for something bigger than themselves, while reminding everyone that if they don’t take care of the “themselves” part of the equation, the “something bigger” part falls apart.

Dr. Heather has a lot on the horizon and we are here for it! Can’t wait to see where this fun relationship goes.


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